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We are pleased to present the new interactive online platform Archeoscience. Archeoscience is a meeting point for all professionals in the world of archaeology. In Archeoscience everyone can participate, creating and being part of different debate forums, discussions, hanging or looking for information on different events, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc. Archeoscience, also offers you the ability to create your own blog, or upload your photo albums from excavations, conferences, etc. You can also visit our bookstore.

In Archeoscience you can find as well working groups on different topics related to archaeology. Search for your group, become a member and participate, create your own news, ask for information on different subjects, etc. Visit the different existing groups and if you don’t find yours, you can create one and call your colleagues to participate. These groups can be both, open to everyone, or private.

There is also information on archaeological, historical and ethnological tourism routes, all around the country. We currently offer previously unknown routes to the Terras de l’Ebre, accompanied by a specialist, for example to the hidden spaces of the Ebro Battle in the context of the Spanish Civil War.


Finally in Archeoscience, you can find phytoliths databases. If you are interested you can also create your own database to make it visible to all members of the community. Contact Archeoscience for more information.

Visit Archeoscience and look for all the possibilities open to you. It is easy; you only have to log in: http://comunidad.archeoscience.com

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